What is a Root Canal? Root Canal Blogging & RCT Discussion

What is a Root Canal?  Root Canal Blogging & RCT Discussion:

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Getting a root canal is not what people want to hear - though, if they do want to save their tooth, this is possibly the only way once the cavity in the tooth has reached the pulp canal.  Root Canal Blogging online and dental care discussion with us @ DentalChat.com.

For adults who have had many fillings, getting a root canal at some point may be a reality.  Generally, many fillings is usually required for those that have cavities or decay in their tooth.  Those adults that have experienced getting a root canal, it is something that they still probably remember.  Getting a root canal now at the dentist, many times is not painful. 

Why, would someone need a root canal? because the filling being done is "very close to the nerve," or the filling is "very deep."   In this Root Canals Blog / Root Canal Chatting online - we will be discussing what is a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment becomes necessary for a tooth when the tooth pulp becomes infected or inflamed.  Usually, a tooth cavity through the enamel and then the tooth dentin area, goes towards the tooth pulp. That is why, if have a small tooth cavity, want to fill it and not leave it exposed to food debris going into the tooth hole - that can end up needing a root canal to save the tooth.

Online Root Canal Info and RCT discussing online -  Root Canal Treatment may take only one session with your dentist, or it may take multiple sessions - depending on the tooth. Generally, a molar or large back tooth will take longer since it has more roots, or work for the dentist to do.  Though, this may take one session or 2 or 3 sessions - depending on the circumstance.

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Root Canals Blog discussion --  The root canal treatment entails cleaning the tooth nerve in the root area of the tooth inside the tooth or pulp chamber of the nerve of the tooth, via the inside chamber of the tooth.  To debride the area of the pulp nerve, dentists use various hand dental instruments or with a motor handpiece. Then a filling is places inside of the canal. The filling is the most commonly practiced way of doing the root canal. The process involves the filling of a material known as gutta-percha, which protects the teeth from any infection and contamination. After filling, a crown that resembles one of the real teeth is placed on gutta-percha to secure the filling.

Endodontist specialist or General Dentist usually do the root canal. The general dentist or prosthodontist will usually do the crown after the root canal is completed >> for the root canaled tooth after a root canal.  This is important to have a permanent tooth restoration after having a root canal done.

Root Canal Chat Info & RCT Discussion - can a root canal have to be re-done?  The answer to this is possibly yes - if the gutta percha or filling used to go into the root canal does not fully fill the canal in the right way, a re-do may be necessary.  There are many other factors as well.   The likelihood of re-doing a root canal is not that high.  By the way, RCT is many times used by a dentist as meaning - Root Canal Treatment.

- After getting a root canal?

The tooth that has had a root canal / RCT - generally within a few days or less, the tooth starts to feel alright.  One thing to keep in mind, some teeth that have large abscess or infection, may take longer.    After the completion of RCT, usually a temporary filling is placed inside the coronal tooth portion of the tooth.  This will be required to be removed and filled with a permanent filling and / or crown.  We will be discussing this and more in future articles.